About CCfA

Civic Commission for Africa (CCfA) is a Pan-African civil society network established in 2007, originally set-up to mobilize African civil society for TICAD IV and G8 Summit in 2008. CCfA members are country umbrella organizations and regional networks and bodies and it is currently in 32 African countries.

The lobbying and advocacy is targeted at the UN, African Heads of State, the AUC and RECs levels, Development Partners, the Private Sectors, Africans in the Diaspora and Africa’s High Net Worth Individuals – HNWI.


Continental Executive Board

This board has the authority to interpret and implement the programs, rules and regualtions set at general meetings.

Ms Maungo Mooki

Ms Maungo Mooki


Provide leadership to CCfA as a sustainable Pan Africa civil society organization.

Pr. Willibroad Dze-Ngwa

Pr. Willibroad Dze-Ngwa

Vice President African Affairs (VPAA)

Guides and support the work of the CCfA Secretary General and ensure that CCfA programs run smoothly.

Ms Olive Mumba

Ms Olive Mumba


Ensures that CCfA is financially viable to be a sustainable Pan Africa civil society organization.

Mr Paul Koalaga Oumarou

Mr Paul Koalaga Oumarou

West African Focal Person

Represents the interest of CCfA in francophone Africa

Ms Florence Syevuo

Ms Florence Syevuo

Focal Person in Kenya

TICAD VI Focal Person
and coordinator of Kenya SDG forum. CCfA focal person in East Africa

Mr Ali Zedini

Mr Ali Zedini

North African Focal Person

TICAD VI Focal Person
and coordinator of Kenya SDG forum. CCfA focal person in East Africa

CCfA  main objectives

The commission aims at improving lives of African individuals with the following main objectives

Reflecting African Voices

CCfA aims to bring African voices to all intercontinental co-operations aimed at Africa’s development, especially in the areas of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Trade Negotiations and Facilitation (WTO related agenda) and other such frameworks

General Advocacy

To advocate for stronger and mutually beneficial partnerships between Governments,  the Private Sector, NGOs, Africa’s High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Africans in the Diaspora and Development Partners in Africa for effective and sustainable development of African

Monitoring and Evaluation

To engage in monitoring and evaluation of national, regional and continental development programs and projects especially in Agriculture, Health, Education, Human Rights, Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Conservation, community development, social protection and peace building undertaken by either governments, NGOs or civic organizations on behalf of the citizens of Africa

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CCfA  specific objectives

As a pan African civil society, having the above main objectives is not enough. CCfA has the following specify objectives.

African Development

Lobby and advocate for acceleration of Africa’s development to ensure it is sustainable, with emphasis on strengthening cooperation among African countries, the private sector and Africa’s Diaspora and Africa’s High Net Worth Individuals to deal with Official Development Assistance (ODA), Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and other development investments to and within Africa.

Follow up & Evaluation

To Follow-up, assess, and participate in project evaluation related to Official Development Assistance (ODA), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and other such Development Assistance Frameworks in Africa to ensure that promises by development partners to Africa are met and by advocating for positive policies towards ODA, FDI and other such frameworks by African governments

Aiding governments

To encourage and support African governments and development partners to improve the quality and value of African lives through meeting the MDGs, SDGs, Country Specific Vision Agendas and National Development Plans and other such frameworks


To promote all intercontinental cooperation such as the TICAD, FOCAC, EU-AUC and other such partnerships, but with special focus on Asia. 

 To be the voice of Africa’s people and communities in the international development arena


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